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Area Rug Cleaning in Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids and Ada

Rugs can add a splash of color to a room and are a great choice for interior design as they can be easily moved when you want to change the theme of a room. However, accidents happen: drinks or food are spilled, children track in dirt, pets make a mess and air pollution can leave an unpleasant smell in the fabric. For these reasons our clients will need to have a deep cleaning for your area rugs as home methods just don’t clean as deeply as you need.

More common area rugs can be cleaned in your home. Many are synthetic and not natural fibers. These are easily cleaned without the disruption of removing them and having them missing for periods of time. Other rugs are made of natural fibers and many of those can be cleaned in your home also. With our special method of dry soil removal and shampooing, Traditional Carpet Cleaning, Inc. can clean your Grand Rapids area rug, and have it dry before we leave the home.

Many area rugs we deal with are quite old or have sentimental value to our clients. This is more common with collectors’ wool and silk rugs and they need to be cleaned by our Oriental Rug specialist. Our in-plant cleaners are prepared to deal with the intricacies and dangers of cleaning potentially fragile rugs.

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