Tile and Grout Cleaning in Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids and Ada

Keeping Tile and Grout clean is a lot of hard work. In the kitchen you may have colored liquids and food penetrating into the porous grout. Using the strongest, nastiest, cleaners while on your hands and knees with a brush, is no fun. And attempting to use bleaching products to make the grout white and bright could lead to disaster.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning, Inc. has the right products and methods to clean your Ada Tile and Grout to its cleanest possible. Our professional team uses high-powered, professional grade equipment to scrub through the grime. Our cleaning units work with hot water and environmentally friendly solutions. These loosen the dirt in the grout and crevices and power-wash away residues on the Tile and Grout surfaces.

After a complete cleaning it may be possible to apply a sealing product to your Grout lines. This sealer penetrates into the pores of the lines and blocks foreign liquids and stains from absorbing into the grout.

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